Coins of Respect (Rcoin) is an Equally Re-distributed and Time Limited digital coin

Rcoin under Humanitarian Agpl:

  • Its value is steadily lost until its expiration date and that member's lost is (re)distributed equally, as Crypto currency such as FairCoin or monero, between the community's members and possibly as Merito.
  • It can be used in Exchangeable Currency Prices, while being issued by specific community as its members' stimulation-expiring-note to be traded for products, services or other notes.

Rcoin how?
● Distributed as cryptonote but created with an expiration date, where its value is regularly and steadily reduced, such that each daily lost for individual member is redistributed equally among all the community's members.
●● Using fiarcoin code but such that its blockchain is communicated in dito protocol and is downloadable on demand of any members, the id of a peer is iiaom and the transaction being added is a document encrypted for the group of all peers in the community, like by gpg4usb.
●● Wallet:, from table of expirationDate*duration having field=statingValue, calculating V representing the sum of Values reflected from S representing the Sum of StartingValue of such Rcoins per each community's member for each L representing the amount of its Leftover days and equals its last day minus its current day, where
●●● D is its Duration in days,
●●● T as Total in Treasury is the Average value of all such Rcoins in this community, which is changing when exchanging Rcoing for other coins and
●●● M is the Average count of Members in the community,
●●●● such that: V = S*(L/D)+ (T/M)*(1-(L/D)) and ComparativeValue = V/2 (==(V*L/2)/L calculated as average until expiration).
●●●● The ComparativeValue is to be rated against other coins (such as faircoin) while it is given to the community and shared equally to the members for backing new issued rcoins which are given to the buyer paying them to one of members, so that the community could be earning from the activity of its individuals.
Rcoin what?

  • Such stimulation note can be seen like a zero coupon, undated, expiring and tradable security added with some social aspects of members equality, where
    • Traders for such coin/note can also be its exchangers to reduce the middleman.
    • Its Attributes can be capitalization market, gradient, price, (rcoin) value, age etc.
    • Its Localisation are federation, nation, city, district neighbourhood etc.
    • Its Association are between individuals by their transactions, while creating their communities across locations.

In your endless fight against the-globalization-of-debt-into-generations, while getting local, use Rcoin for raising, bottom up a new internal economy, internally, while exchanging for Rcoins, and externally while interfacing with the existing economy, in exchanges for normal money. such open communities formed as an association, in a gradual and multi layered structure, could be made of Comon Companies (ComComized).

More Technicalities.

Tables: each member has 2 tables, of which each has column name: expiration-date and one record per different length,

  • the treasury (of the community without the specific member), of which field has value/count-of-all-members, which is daily +=value/(length*count-of-all-members),
  • and wallet of which field has value, which is daily -=value/length


Rcoin is not only a P2P currency (like bitcoin) and not only having a demurrage fee (like Freicoin), but it is also a communal coin, which is re-distributed equally between the community's members. As it is communal, it can buy only nearby things, whereas the remote things can be bought using money by the community. In each re-distributing cycle, it can be liquidized by equally distributing money instead of rcoin. The community is not only defined as a region, but by the relations of its members. Such communities can be build up and be opened up by the comcom contract, which allow another option liquidizing. Click on "Terms & Reasons" for the contract and on "Join" for creating your contract.

A Coin of respect is A non-money nor an-equivalent to money, but a medium of exchange having only limited lifetime (default 25 years), after which being equally redistributed in community or an organization, known as a ring normally interfacing with its economical environment.

The coins of respect are for raising bottom up a new economy and are usable when prepaid or credit could be used, anywhere where trust can be established locally and with the familiar ones, which is normally where most of us interact, where the interaction with the less familiar is done via the ring interacting by money with the global and unknown economy.

  • Such coins of respect can be used for evaluating products, holdings or services and when such ring is comcomized, the coins can be used for evaluating the peer ownership (e.g. when the owners of business in a street or a square sign the comcom agreement to become peers in the ring). ( See also github project , fb group and on linkedin facebook page).
payer to sender payment id(coin), signature(payer), id(payer), id (payee)
sender to members notification id(coin)->id(transaction) then, after verification, modifying notification in the book of coins
sender to members record id(transaction)->info(coin), id(payee), authority and autiraztion then , after verification, adding new record to the book of transactions
sender to payee receipt id(transaction) and id(coin) signed by payer and autiraztion
  • How to implement? The coin is valid only with an attached receipt proving the transaction by having the signature of the new owner on the specification of the note, being signed by the current owner. This can be done on paper and latter approved digitally where the sender encrypt separately and send to each member in the organization the corresponding record in each each of the 2 tables:
    • update or add to the existing record of hash(#ring#coin)->#action
    • insert the new record of hash(#action)-> hash(new-owner,authority-and-its-signature,receipt-id.
      • The hash is encrypted with the public key of the reader or a double round of SHA-256 on encrypted or otherwise modified input in an admin/community knowhow fashion. For a non nsa making prism hash i.e. (not sha-1-2-3) it could be naturally made by involving bases factors (such 11 or 13 instead of 10 ) with modulo operation (such as 877 instead of 5).

Ask your tax adviser: When the coins are the property of the organization and are exchangeable only for its properties would they become also untaxable?

  • e.g. coffee-shop and bakery are 2 divisions in the ring the ring buy flour and give it for coin of respect to the bakery and the bakery making from that a cake give it for coins of respect to the coffee-shop and the ring, but not the coffee-shop, sell the cake in money to an outer client.
  • Use coins of respect as an alternative medium of exchange to empower youself with your colleague and to disconnect from the manipulations of central banks situated at the top to create migration in the borders and immigrants in the bottom by distributing their inflated and monopolized money being protected by police and army violence, as always in the middle are we, the tax payer people.


  • Issuing time limited coins in a peer-to-peer electronic reward/payments system , of which the lost value in time is offset by new such coins being distributed as divdend in object-coins, to peer owners being holders, via one or more layers, of the ComCom issuing the coins.
    • and instead by expensive crypto mining or in addition to it, but only when the pool is owned by the community being the held comcom.
    • Optionally and only when using bitcoin disabling tradability with other (all or listed) communities for localisation in community ( for non-tax/ non 1% accessibility reasons ) [by starting with another first block known as the genesis block.?? ]

For running #CommunalCoin on virtual machines as on cloud app to build upon it the interface like online banking join us on the Peer-owners' #consultants4comcom

ownerId:: the uid
NoteId:[LifeTime,]Born,Value, counter

  • each note has its list of blocks of all (owners , date of start owning)


  • al transacition in blocks being hashed and distributed
  • when transaction is sent it is sent-by-(OTP)—> SupervisorsId to sign the transaction and keeping it or notify all participants. keeping it in a block chain, where each block contains a list of all the transactions that have taken place across the entire network since the last block was created, as well as a hash of the previous block.

Participants can send and receive money or notifications, such as on alarming statuses, whereas Supervisors, automatically maintain coherency, security backpacking etc. It is important to have many Supervisors and to swap them between the participants. Supervisor is one who have virtual machine on her/his account, which is based on her/his signature + password etc, this is not to confused with admin etc.

RcoinWiki +Start new +RcoinForum Meetups+Invitation pad+chat
@Github + org rcoin.txt (Preamble) Contents+ rcoin.h+IIaOM.hpp +in pdf+db-schem+rcoin.c
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