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Under agpl in devloping on github!

CommunalCoin constantly lose its value in time as each member in the local (using coin) community constantly gets an equal dividend offsetting the lost value of the coin in that system and hence the shorter is the lifetime of the coin the better is the distribution in that system.


It is designed for use, within and between bottom up organizations, as a value of gift or rewarding, which is also able to be re-given (as is the case in payment), for to compensate, share thankfulness and/or respect.

It is designed to produce better distribution in stimulation plans,

  • alternative to the existing, national and international stimulation plans, of low-interest loans only to close and small circle of (GianT) associates,
    • as is the case in printing local money or in transferring loans, exchangeable for work or production, in manipulated interest levels.

CommunalCoin in allegory to compost pool:

  • A) The lost of value is like the release of the energy to the air after being bad distributed as bobbles in the pool;
  • B) The energy is effective only in the pool as the coin is in the community and
  • C) The well distributed dividend is like injecting bottom-up some clean instance (like water) for having the volume (or height) of the medium be unchanged or somewhat controlled, as is the case in printing local money.

CommunalCoin in comparison with the BitCon:

  • The CommunalCoin is used in a peer to peer payment/rewording system and as such when compared with BitCoin, being the equivalent to gold, it is a (backed or not) local currency, like in the dollar case,
  • but with money laundering reduction, due to the restriction of the coin to be only A) well distributed B) in a specific community,
    • in which the members are long lasting members, as they are staying to get the redistributed dividend and normally, in a comcomized community, are also peer (equal) owners of the resources of that community.
  • But, since the CommunalCoin can only be well redistributed, it must be giving away the advantage reserved only for the few doing the mining in BitCoin and
  • additionally it uses the swapped gate function of a peer, for additional protection against fraud hacked key/hash.

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