A simple way to implement coins of respect

created: 04 Jul 2013 16:31 By namzezamnamzezam
This can be maintained by trusted (book)keeper and be done by means of table or (paper)book in which each line number is used to point to a record, where hash(somthing) is the way to code something privately and where the table

hash(id(bill)) -> id(owner) transaction number Ratification=signature of authority

Per each transaction the new owner send his id to get Reception and payer send

  • hash(id(bill))
  • hash (owners id ==his id)
  • receipt ==hash(transaction number, Ratification)
  • hash(id new owner)

how to do it?

  • central way: having associative array of (hash(id(bill)) -> hash(owner,transaction number,ratification ) maintained by rotated sender being (book)keeper and then sending a patch of the entry hash(bill) -> hash(new-owner) to all members ,
  • decentral way: having it yourself from payer sending(sms) to sender having only list of hash(bills) does the group have it if yes then sending (sms) of hash(bill) to all members except of the payer, and get from each a "not having" replay .


  • the transactions can be made valid only in bookkeeper working hours
  • the transactions could be logged in another table/book of which record/line number is transaction number having hash(id(bill) pointing to the ohter book or ( for working independently togather with hash(id(bill)) ->trunsaction number ) having hash(id(bill)) , id(owner), transaction number, Ratification=signature of authority.
  • coin of respects can be used between divisions in a ring - divisions, as coffee shop and bakery, where the cakes given by the bakery are evaluated by the coffee shop in coins of respect and the ring, not the coffehop, sells the cake to a costumer and buy the flour instead of the bakery.
  • the coin of respect can be printed in pair of
    • note having 2 sticky points behind its one side printed, whch is made the center of the community and
    • its receipt, which is one side printed by its owner.

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