Rcoin meetup 18:00-21:00, 19/12 @ InBerlin lehrter str 53

3 hours (from 18:00-21:00,19/12 @ InBerlin lehrter str 53) :
1 hour open, 1 hour focused group, hopefully of programmers too and 1 hour back&gathering open again with group-report, some conclusions +what-is= next?
some ideas: games of Roles
also should we ask for documentation including video etc.
1, Preamble for the coin of respect: http://namzezam.wdfiles.com/local--files/start/rcoin.txt
2. rcoin.h: http://namzezam.wdfiles.com/local--files/docs%3Arcoin-h/rcoin.h
3. join us on github/rcoin
4. Join, create or host: groups of those who trust each other as free and equal members : http://yes-again-we-can.wikidot.com/
5. let's ‪#‎Boycott4OwningEq‬ meaning Boycott for Equally Owning Some Parts of the Sellers: http://yes-i-am-angry.wikidot.com/

The Rcoin - a coin of Respect is a social money in modern time.

What it is: It is electronic and communal, existing only for fixed period of time and while daily losing it's value, the lost of its owner is recycled in an equal pay to the community's members. Optionally, in each such cycle of redistribution, the Rcoin could be realized in other currencies, by equally paying in the other currency some of the amount earned by the community, otherwise it is only an inner community medium of exchange, yet non-money nor an-equivalent to money.

Example: If I have 10 Rcoins for 100 years and we are 4 members in the community, then from those 10 Rcoins in the next year, I have only 9.925 (9.9 like in 1% inflation + 0.025 for being a member) and each of the other 3 members got additional 0.25 Rcoins.

What It is good for: Making members more supportive in their community (if I am going to earn more then you, then you are going to get something form that, so you might have some interest in supporting me) and for saving more communal
(as the amount of saved Rcoins is equalized along the time).

How to use it: It can be used in association acting for the benefit of neighbors and having some divisions, like coffee-shop and bakery: Example: The association buys chocolate in money and sells it for Rcoins to it's bakery, making from that a cake and selling it for Rcoins to the coffee shop, selling the cake with coffee to the association for Rcoins and neighbor buy it from the association for Rcoin while tourist in money.
More: http://namzezam.wdfiles.com/local--files/start/rcoin.txt
http://communal-coin.wikidot.com/ Search: Rcoin Coin of Resppect



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