Exchangeable Currency Price Declared by Dealers

Exchangeable (currency) price, where

  • Each dealer's declared price is shown together with its excepted exchange rates expressed in the form of As1*=*Bs2,,,.
    • As this form is equivalent to As1=(A*B)s2,
    • where s1 and s2 are symbols of 2 currencies and s2 is optionally shown as a sequence of symbols of one before the other localized as being the one in the other (eg GRDEUR) and
    • the number of commas after s2 specified the currency such that

Eg: changing this page is offered for 23EUR*=*1.5$,56Rcoin,,0.44Bcoin,,,

Perspective parameters: For making more easy, intuitive and transparent the assessment of exchanging from one note to any other, use Perspective per set of attributes, such that:

  • [Aspect] Use (confined) Aspect 'a' of the relation 'r' held in one's view to another such that:

  • [Perspective] For representing a record of some relations to the one, per each other, use Perspective of one to another, such that each aspect is put on different rib of (same angle and rib) polygon around the symbol of the other.
  • [Folding] To represent the table (of which attributes are aspects of the others to that one) put the perspectives on a vertical line.
  • [Historic] To represent the changes of the record put the symbol on y and the polygon at each point a long the time on x.
  • [Localisation] To represent the database (of tables belonging to such records), bold the current perspective on the left vertical and add the new (sub) vertical on the right.

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