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How to join this site
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hcomcomisthcomcomist wrote on 20 Apr 2013 11:00

Wikidot expert James Kanjo calls it "an extremely powerful Web 2.0 engine. With its powers, it is easy to create sleek and uniform websites; for business, for education and for personal use. It is also powerful enough to create web applications", this forum, for example.

Welcome to your new project wiki. This site runs on Wikidot.com, one of the world's largest wiki farms. But Wikidot.com is more than just a wiki, as you'll discover. Wikidot.com is a community of free and professional websites, each doing something special. You'll find it familiar in some ways, but more flexible than anything you're used to. Whatever your project, and especially for community-style projects, Wikidot helps you make it faster and better.

We suggest you now:

  1. Try every option on the top menu.
  2. Change your wiki's title in the AdminManage Site General settings.
  3. Promote this wiki to your users, especially for bug reports.

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