secure sms by using two sim cards and one paper

A secure sms - using two sim cards and one paper having 2 tables: the meaning table of which each item has a unique number in its column defining its position in the coding table of nick names concatenated into an email adress.

using sms with 2 sim (from )sender and (to) reviver with a secrete dictionary of keys coded together as an email address ( e.g. moc.g|| is used as the numbers (right to left) are indicating: where , when, what-for,operation) including operation of ending use of each of the sim with specification of when to expect next use. this can be look more normal with names instead of numbers and with some domain each for different meaning e.g. for when for when for when etc.
operation can be also related to encrypted mail such as push pull keys to dicnoray.
the number could be used in parallel as number line number of the record including the nick name and its meaning and domain.

The meaning table: Each item has a unique number in its column defining its position in the coding table.

operation type 6th where 5th what for 4th when 3rd how 2nd who 1th
just do #5 Brazil bar #5 force showing police identification number #52 Sunday at 1900 #6 meet #43 we #2

The coding table.

#-> 6th-nick 5th-nick 4th-nick 3rd-nick 2nd-nick 1st-nick
1 johnny_ 23 4 5_ sexy 32
2 jj_ 243 2 5_8 lonely 12

e.g. for names List_of_most_popular_given_names + top 100 at 2012 in uk

e.g: ni.amod|4kcin3kcin.2kcin.1kcin#ni.amod|4kcin3kcin.2kcin.1kcin
e.g. of sms: i love you but you should first contact her gro.x|mtenrani#gro.x|mtenrani
note: such "paper" can be distributed encrypted for the use of an application making the transformation from selected part of speech to and from email addresses.
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